Enjoy Our Love Story on Videos.........:) -Jessica Sicat

     This is a story of   a girl who  idolized    and  loved    Mr.   Elmo Moses Magalona.......  Until   something   happened  .....  It changed   all...... :)

Simply Julie.........=)

      Julie Anne san jose in this story is just a simple girl who treasured every moment with elmo magalona (son of master rapper)..
she wished to see elmo until one sunday granted her long time wish... 

The Best Sunday ever..

    until that day came....julie met someone who changed everithing in an instant..
    direk rico gutierrez noticed julie's voice while singing in the middle of the fans line outside party pilipinas...and it happened..!

The True Elmo :)

    elmo magalona is idolized by many fans (including the fans of mags) ..
    but deep inside he knew the truth of what he truly is...
   a lonely elmo magalona...

I think im in love.

    the first time i saw her....i knew i will love her...
   julie is my first love. and hopefully my first girl...

Julie - kinikilig

     when i first touched elmo's hand i felt something like magic..

Jay's move

     All is set , but jay perillo came..
     it really affect julie and elmo's almost closeness..